Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Air-Water Systems for Air Conditioning Design Manual

Content :-
  • Experience and innovation
  • Air – water
  • System overview
  • Passive cooling systems
  • Passive chilled beams
  • Chilled ceiling components and elements
  • Induction units
  • Active chilled beams
  • Multi-service active chilled beams
  • Under sill induction units
  • Under floor induction units
  • FaΓ§ade ventilation units
  • Under sill units
  • Under sill units for projects
  • Under floor units
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Documentation
  • Project management
  • References

Today, air-water systems are used in many modern buildings and, especially in office and administration buildings, offer energy-efficient solutions for the internal space ventilation and air conditioning. There is a variety of installation possibilities for air-water systems, which means that, for almost every building, variants that meet the most demanding architectural requirements are available.

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