Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Manual of Underground Surveying (Primary Source Edition Free PDF)

Content :-

Chapter I :- Instruments.
Transit: Historical—Adjustments—Attachments—Special transits —^Tapes—Repair of field instruments—Bibliography.

Chapter II :-  Meridian.
Polaris—Solar attachment—Direct solar observation—Geographical

Chapter III :-  Underground Practice .
Stations: kinds—Marking—Numbering—^Setting up transit—Sighting
in dark—Bibliography.

Chapter IV :-  Carrying the Meridian Underground.
Traverse—One shaft—Wires—Weights—Three-wire method
Four-wire method—Bent line—-Vertical sights with ordinary transit —Measure of depth—Bibhography.

Chapter V :-  Secondary Openings, Survey of .
Coal mines—Stopes narrow—Stope-books—String surveys—Estimate
of values—Volumes—Mine sampling—Bibliography.

Chapter VI :-  Record of the Survey .
Field notes—Note-books—Side notes—Office books—Calculationbook—
List of text-books.

Chapter VII :-  Uses of the Mine Maps .
Laws regarding mine maps—Uses of the topographical map—Geological
maps and sections—Old workings—Assay maps.

Chapter VIII :-  Making the Map.
Paper—Scale—Platting of angles—Protractor—^Tangents—Chords

Chapter IX :-  Map Filing.
Models—Erasures—Ink and colors—Blue-prints: Overexposed, to
write upon, waterproofing of—Solution—^Tracing from blue-print
—Vandyke prints—Copying of drawings.

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