Friday, October 5, 2018

Risk And Safety In Civil Engineering (Free PDF)

Aim Of The Course :-

The aim of the present course is to provide to the students both the basic and more advanced skills and tools of risk and reliability in engineering. Emphasis is directed on the application and the reasoning behind the application of these skills and tools for the purpose of enhancing engineering decision making. It is expected that the students have prior knowledge on the subject of statistics and probability corresponding to the basic level of a bachelor of engineering. The purpose of the present course is thus to ensure that the students will acquire during the course the required theoretical basis and technical skills such as to feel comfortable with the theory, methods and application of risk and reliability analysis. Moreover, in the present course as opposed to many standard courses on the same subject, the perspective is to focus on the use of the theory for the purpose of engineering risk assessment and decision making. The course has been organized such that in the first five lectures the prerequisites for risk and reliability analysis are refreshed and the basics of risk assessment are given. In the following six lectures more advanced topics of reliability analysis and tools for reliability analysis are provided. Finally in the three last lectures applications are provided together with the topic of risk acceptance.

It is believed that students having completed the present course will be able to:

  • Develop probabilistic engineering models for the purpose of risk assessment.
  • Formulate and perform decision analysis.
  • Structure and conduct risk assessments.
  • Perform reliability analysis for technical and structural components and systems.
  • Critically assess optimality and acceptability of decision alternatives.

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