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A New Earth - Awakening To Your Life's Purpose - By "Eckhart Tolle"

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This book’s main purpose is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind or to try to convince you of anything, but to bring about a shift in consciousness; that is to say, to awaken. In that sense, this book is not “interesting”. Interesting means you can keep your distance, play around with ideas and concepts in your mind, agree or disagree. This book is about you. It will change your state of consciousness or it will be meaningless. It can only awaken those who are ready. Not everyone is ready yet, but many are, and with each person who awakens, the momentum in the collective consciousness grows, and it becomes easier for others. If you don’t know what awakening means, read on. Only by awakening can you know the true meaning of that word. A glimpse is enough to initiate the awakening process, which is irreversible. For some, that glimpse will come while reading this book. For many others who may not even have realized it, the process has already begun. This book will help them recognize it. For some, it may have begun through loss or suffering; for others, through coming into contact with a spiritual teacher or teaching, through reading The Power of Now or some other spiritually alive and therefore transformational book – or any combination of the above. If the awakening process has begun in you , the reading of this book will accelerate and intensify it. 

 Chapter One: The Flowering of Human Consciousness
1. Evocation
2. The Purpose of This Book
3. Our Inherited Dysfunction
4. The Arising New consciousness
5. Spirituality and Religion
6. The Urgency of Transformation
7. A New Heaven and a new Earth 
Chapter Two: Ego: The Current State of Humanity
1. The Illusory Self
2. The Voice in the Head
3. Content and Structure of the Ego
4. Identification with Things
5. The lost Ring
6. The Illusion of Ownership
7. Wanting: The Need for More
8. Identification with the Body
9. Feeling the Inner Body
10. Forgetfulness of Being
11. From Descartes's Error to Sartre's Insight
12. The Peace that Passes All Understanding
Chapter Three: The Core of Ego
1. Complaining and Resentment
2. Reactivity and Grievances
3. Being Right, Making Wrong
4. In Defense of an Illusion
5. Truth: Relative or Absolute?
6. The Ego Is Not Personal
7. War Is a Mind-set
8. Do You Want Peace or Drama?
9. Beyond Ego: Your True Identity 
10. All Structures are Unstable
11. The Ego's Need to Feel Superior
12. Ego and Fame
Chapter Four: Role-Playing: The Many Faces of the Ego
1. Villain, Victim, Lover
2. Letting Go of Self-Definitions
3. Pre-established Roles
4. Temporary Roles
5. The Monk with Sweaty Palms
6. Happiness as a Role Vs. True Happiness
7. Parenthood: Role or Function?
8. Conscious Suffering
9. Conscious Parenting
10. Recognizing Your Child
11. Giving Up Role-playing
12. The Pathological Ego
13. The Background Unhappiness
14. The Secret of Happiness
15. Pathological Forms of Ego
16. Work – with and Without Ego
17. The Ego in Illness
18. The Collective Ego
19. Incontrovertible Proof of Immortality
Chapter Five: The Pain-Body
1. The Birth of Emotion
2. Emotions and the Ego
3. The Duck with a Human Mind
4. Carrying the Past
5. Individual and Collective
6. How the Pain-Body Renews Itself
7. How the Pain-body Feeds on Your Thoughts
8. How the pain-Body Feeds on Drama
9. Dense Pain-bodies
10. Entertainment, the Media, and the Pain-Body
11. The Collective Female Pain-body
12. National and Racial Pain-bodies.
Chapter Six: Breaking Free
1. Presence
2. The Return of the Pain-Body
3. The Pain-body in Children 
4. Unhappiness
5. Breaking Identification with the Pain-body
6. “Triggers”
7. The Pain-Body as an Awakener.
8. Breaking Free of the Pain-Body
Chapter Seven: Finding Who You Truly Are
1. Who you Think you are
2. Abundance
3. Knowing Yourself and Knowing About Yourself
4. Chaos and Higher Order
5. Good and Bad
6. Not Minding What Happens
7. Is That So?
8. The Ego and the Present Moment 
9. The Paradox of Time
10. Eliminating Time
11. The Dreamer and the Dream
12. Going Beyond Limitation
13. The Joy of Being
14. Allowing the Diminishment of the Ego
15. As Without, So Within.
Chapter Eight: The Discovery of Inner Space
1. Object Consciousness and Space Consciousness
2. Falling Below and Rising Above Thought
3. Television
4. Recognizing Inner Space
5. Can You Hear the Mountain Stream?
6. Right Action
7. Perceiving Without Naming
8. Who Is the Experiencer? 
9. The Breath
10. Addictions
11. Inner Body Awareness
12. Inner and Outer Space
13. Noticing the Gaps
14. Lose yourself to Find Yourself
15. Stillness
Chapter Nine: Your Inner Purpose
1. Awakening
2. A Dialogue on Inner Purpose
Chapter Ten: A New Earth
1. A Brief History of Your Life
2. Awakening and the Return Movement
3. Awakening and the Outgoing Movement
4. Consciousness
5. Awakened Doing
6. The Three Modalities of Awakened Doing
7. Acceptance
8. Enjoyment
9. Enthusiasm
10. The Frequency-holders.
11. The New Earth Is No Utopia
About the Author

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"Eckhart Tolle" is a contemporary spiritual teacher who is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition. In his writing and seminars, he conveys a simple yet profound message with the timeless and uncomplicated clarity of the ancient spiritual masters: There is a way out of suffering and into peace. Tolle travels extensively, taking his teachings throughout the world. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

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