Saturday, November 17, 2018

Art Of Drawing The Human Body

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Budding artists can master the toughest and most treasured technique of all: portraying the beauty, grace, and personality of the human body. This wonderful tutorial, and a variety of inspiring sketches on every page, provide the solid technical foundation needed to depict every type of figure—young or old, male or female, standing, sitting, or in motion—and with style. Intricately detailed drawings, some with grids, help capture the correct proportions for head, torso, arms, and legs; add light and shadow for tonal depth; and create texture, volume, and expressive lines. A thorough study of the nude and the development of preliminary sketches make this an extraordinary value. 

1 Study Of the Nude Figure  
A Well-proportion Drawing
Lines And Rythm Of The Figure
2. Constructing The Figure
A Well-proportion Drawing
Lines And Rythm Of The Figure
3. Attitudes of The Human Figure: The Pose
Analyzing Poses and Gestures
4. Light And Shadow In The Human Figure
Tonal Techniques 
The Clothed Human Figure
5. Textures And Effects 
The Artist's Resources
6. Step By Step

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By "Edgar Lov Fankbonner" (Translator)

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