Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Concepts Of Physics - By "H C Verma"

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 Excellent books exist on physics at an introductory college level so why a new one ? Why so many books exist at the same level, in the first place, and why each of them is highly appreciated. It is because each of these books has the previlege of having an author or authors who have experienced physics and have their own method of communicating with the students. During my years as a physics teacher, I have developed a somewhat different methodology of presenting physics to the students. Concepts of Physics is a translation of this methodology into a textbook.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Physic
Chapter 2: Physics and Mathematics
Chapter 3: Rest and Motion : Kinematics
Chapter 4: The Forces
Chapter 5: Newton's Laws of Motion
Chapter 6: Friction
Chapter 7: Circular Motion
Chapter 8: Work and Energy
Chapter 9: Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision
Chapter 10: Rotational Mechanics
Chapter 11: Gravitation
Chapter 12: Simple Harmonic Motion
Chapter 13: Fluid Mechanics 
Chapter 14: Some Mechanical Properties of Matter
Chapter 15: Wave Motion and Waves on a String
Chapter 16: Sound Waves
Chapter 17: {Light Waves
Chapter 18: Geometrical Optics
Chapter 19: Optical Instruments
Chapter 20: Dispersion and Spectra
Chapter 21: Speed of Light
Chapter 22: Photometry

Author Details
"H C VERMA", PhDDepartment of Physics
IIT, Kanpur 

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