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Core PYTHON Applications Programming - Third Edition

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knowledge gained elsewhere and develop new skills, building up a toolset with which you’ll be able to use Python for a variety of general applications. These advanced topics chapters are meant as intros or “quick dives” into a variety of distinct subjects. If you’re moving toward the specific areas of application development covered by any of these chapters, you’ll likely discover that they contain more than enough information to get you pointed in the right direction. Do not expect an in-depth treatment because that will detract from the breadth-oriented treatment that this book is designed to convey.
This book is meant for anyone who already knows some Python but wants to know more and expand their application development skillset. Python is used in many fields, including engineering, information technology, science, business, entertainment, and so on. This means that the list of Python users (and readers of this book) includes but is not limited to
• Software engineers
• Hardware design/CAD engineers
• QA/testing and automation framework developers
• IS/IT/system and network administrators
• Scientists and mathematicians
• Technical or project management staff
• Multimedia or audio/visual engineers
• SCM or release engineers
• Web masters and content management staff
• Customer/technical support engineers
• Database engineers and administrators
• Research and development engineers
• Software integration and professional services staff
• Collegiate and secondary educators
• Web service engineers
• Financial software engineers
• And many others!
Some of the most famous companies that use Python include Google, Yahoo!, NASA, Lucasfilm/Industrial Light and Magic, Red Hat, Zope, Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks.

Preface xv
About the Author
Part I General Application Topics
Chapter 1:
Regular Expressions

Chapter 2: Network Programming
Chapter 3: Internet Client Programming
Chapter 4: Multithreaded Programming
Chapter 5: GUI Programming
Chapter 6: Database Programming
Chapter 7: *Programming Microsoft Office
Chapter 8: Extending Python
Part II: Web Development
Chapter 9: Web Clients and Servers
Chapter 10: Web Programming: CGI and WSGI
Chapter 11: Web Frameworks: Django
Chapter 12: Cloud Computing: Google App Engine
Chapter 13: Web Services
Part III: Supplemental/Experimental
Chapter 14: Text Processing
Chapter 15: Miscellaneous
Appendix A Answers to Selected Exercises
Appendix B Reference Tables
Appendix C Python 3: The Evolution of a Programming Language
Appendix D Python 3 Migration with 2.6+

Author Details
Wesley Chun was initiated into the world of computing during high school, using BASIC and 6502 assembly on Commodore systems. This was followed by Pascal on the Apple IIe, and then ForTran on punch cards. It was the last of these that made him a careful/cautious developer, because sending the deck out to the school district’s mainframe and getting the results was a one-week round-trip process. Wesley also converted the journalism class from typewriters to Osborne 1 CP/M computers.

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