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Critical Thinking - Consider The Verdict - By "Bruce n. Waller"

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The sixth edition of Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict uses the jury room as the focus for developing basic critical thinking skills, but it does not stop there. Those skills are also applied to the various arguments and issues that arise in our daily lives as consumers, students, planners, and citizens. While the courtroom and the jury room are valuable laboratories for learning and testing and applying critical thinking abilities, those abilities must also be exercised when reading editorial columns, debating social issues, making intelligent consumer choices, working effectively at a career, and fulfilling one’s responsibilities as a thoughtful critical citizen of a democracy. 
The sixth edition of Critical Thinking: Consider the Verdict contains a number of important
changes and additions.
• Extensive new discussion of cooperative critical thinking (as distinguished from adversarial
critical thinking), and examination of its special strengths and the contexts in which it is
most effective.
• New and updated exercises and examples in every chapter.
• A new section on definitions, including examination of misleading definitions.
• Extensive new material on statistical fallacies and deceptions.
• A new section on the importance of scientific integrity and scientific cooperation.
• Additional new exercises in the special-review sections (the sections of cumulative exercises).

1. Introduction
2. A Few Important Terms
3. Ad Hominem Arguments
4. The Second Deadly Fallacy: The Strawman Fallacy
5. What’s the Question?
6. Relevant and Irrelevant Reasons
7. Analyzing Arguments
8. The Burden of Proof
9. Language and Its Pitfalls
10. Appeal to Authority
11. Arguments by Analogy
12. Some Distinctive Arguments and Potential Pitfalls: Slippery Slope, Dilemma, and Golden
Mean Arguments
13. Begging the Question
14. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions
15. Scientific and Causal Reasoning
16. The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth
17. Thinking Critically about Statistics
18. Symbolic Sentential Logic
19. Arguments about Classes
Consider Your Verdict
Key Terms
Answers to Selected Exercises

Author Details
"Bruce N. Waller" 
Youngstown State University 

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