Sunday, November 11, 2018

Crucial Convesation - Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High

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This is a breakthrough book. That is exactly how I saw it when I first read the manuscript. I so resonated with the importance, power, and timeliness of its message that I even suggested to the
authors that they title it "Breakthrough Conversations." But as I read deeper, listened to the tapes, and experienced the insight borne of years of experience with this material, I came to understand why it is titled Crucial Conversations.


CH. 1: What's a Crucial Conversation?
And Who Cares ? 

CH. 2: Mastering Crucial Conversations
The Power of Dialogue

CH. 3: Start with Heart
How to Stay Focused on What You Really Want

CH. 4: Learn to Look
How to Notice When Safety Is at Risk
CH. 5: Make It Safe
How to Make It Safe to Talk about Almost Anything

CH. 6: Master My Stories
How to Stay in Dialogue When You 're Angry, Scared, or Hurt

CH. 7: STATE My Path
How to Speak Persuasively, Not Abrasively

CH. 8: Explore Others' Paths
How to Listen When Others Blow Up or Clam Up

CH. 9: Move to Action
How to Turn Crucial Conversations into Action and Results

CH. 10: Putting It All Together
Tools for Preparing and Learning

CH. 11: Yeah, But
Advice for Tough Cases
CH. 12: Change Your Life
How to Turn Ideas into Habits


Author Details
"Kerry Patterson"
"Joseph Grenny"
"Ron McMillan"
"AI Switzler" 

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