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Democracy In Social Movement

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This book reports the results of part of the comparative research project Democracy in Europe and the Mobilization of the Society – DEMOS ( The DEMOS project is financed by the European Commission, 6th FP Priority 7, Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge Based Society, and (for the Swiss case) the Federal Office for Education and Science, Switzerland. It is co-ordinated by Donatella della Porta (European University Institute); partners are University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, Christopher C. Rootes; Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fuer Sozialforschung, Germany, Dieter Rucht; Università di Urbino, Italy, Mario Pianta; Centre de recherches politiques de la Sorbonne (CRPS), Universitè Panthéon-Sorbonne, France, Isabelle Sommier; Instituto de Estudios Sociales de Andalucía, Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (IESA-CSIC), Spain, Manuel Jiménez; and Laboratoire de recherches sociales et politiques appliquées (resop), Université de Genève, Switzerland, Marco Giugni. Collaborators to the research included, at different times, Massimiliano Andretta, Marko Bandler, Angel Calle, Hélène Combes, Nicolas Haeringer, Nina Eggert, Raffaele Marchetti, Lorenzo Mosca, Alessandro Nai, Herbert Reiter, Clare Saunders, Simon Teune, Mundo Yang and Duccio Zola.

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Notes on Contributors 
Organizational Structures and Visions of Democracy in the Global Justice Movement: An Introduction
1. Global Justice Movement Organizations: The Organizational Population 
2. Participatory Traditions within the Global Justice Movement 
3. Consensus in Movements 
4. Social Movements and Multilevel Governance: The External Dimension of Democracy 
5. Why Are Social Movement Organizations Deliberative? Structural and Cultural Determinants of Internal Decision Making in the Global Justice Movement 
6. Organizational Size and Democratic Practices: Can Large Be Beautiful?
7. Forms of Action of Global Justice Movement Groups: Do Conceptions and Practices of Democracy Matter?
8 Unconventional Politics Online: Internet and the Global Justice Movement 
9 The Generational Issue: The Impact of Organizations’ Age on Visions of Democracy 
10 Crossing Borders: Transnational Activism in European Social Movements  Democracy in Movement: Some Conclusions 

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"Donatella della Porta"
European University Institute, Italy

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