Sunday, November 11, 2018

Destiny Disrupted - A History Of The World Through Islamic Eyes - By "Tamim Ansary"

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Some writers are scrupulous about the system they use for transliterating Islamic names and words into English, insisting that one or another system is correct. I have to confess I am not among them. I have seen my own name spelled too many different ways in English to be picky. (People often ask me, which is correct, Ansari or Ansary-is it y or z? Well, neither, really: it's the letter yaw.) Given the arbitrary nature of transliteration, my guiding principle in this book has been to go for the simplest spellings and the most recognizable reductions.

List of Maps
Names and Dates
1. The Middle World
2.  The Hijra
3.  Birth of the Khalifate
4.  Schism
5.  Empire of the Umayyads
6.  The Abassid Age
7.  Scholars, Philosophers, and Sufis
8.  Enter the Turks
9.  Havoc
10.  Rebirth
11.  Meanwhile in Europe
12.  West Comes East
13.  The Reform Movements
14.  Industry, Constitutions, and Nationalism
15.  Rise of the Secular Modernists
16.  The Crisis of Modernity
17.  The Tide Turns
Appendix: The Structure of Islamic Doctrine

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