Friday, November 9, 2018

Elactrify Your Sex Life - By "Carole Altman"

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To the many brave and wonderful men and women who helped me to develop this program and who proved it is love that gives our lives meaning and purpose.

Introduction: You Can Get Rid of Your Hangups Without Therapy
Section I: Electrifying Concepts and Procedures
1. The Physiology of Sex
2. Put Power in Your “Sex Muscles”
Section II: The Program
3. And Now You Begin
4. Making Contracts to Enhance Your Sex Life — Contracts I and II
5. Intensifying Your Sensuality and Sexuality
6. Relaxation and Image-Making
7. Know Your Body, Know Your Mind — Sexual and Image-Making Exercises
8. Sexual Sharing
9. The Lovemaking Plan
10. The Nonpenetration Contract — Contract III
11. The Full Sexuality Contract — Contract IV
Section III: The Cures — Sample Case Histories
12. Do I Have A Problem?
13. Premature Ejaculation
14. Impotence 
15. Retarded Ejaculation
16. Frigidity
17. Nonorgasmic Women
18. Vaginismus
19. The Pandemic of Inhibited Sexual Desire
Section IV: “Forbidden” Sex
20. Variety Is the Spice of Life — Specials and Turn-Ons
21. Inhibitions — To Have or To Shed

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