Friday, November 30, 2018

Electrical Engineer's Reference Book - (Sixteenth edition)

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For ease of use, this edition has been divided into the following subject sections: general principles; materials and processes; control, power electronics and drives; environment; power generation; transmission and distribution; power systems; sectors of electricity use.
New chapters and major revisions include: industrial instrumentation; digital control systems; programmable controllers; electronic power conversion; environmental control; hazardous area technology; electromagnetic compatibility; alternative energy sources; alternating current generators; electromagnetic transients; power system planning; reactive power plant and FACTS controllers; electricity economics and trading; power quality.

*An essential source of techniques, data and principles for all practising electrical engineers
*Written by an international team of experts from engineering companies and universities
*Includes a major new section on control systems, PLCs and microprocessors

Section A - General Principles
1. Units, Mathematics and Physical Quantities 
2. Electrotechnology
3. Network Analysis
Section B - Materials & Processes
4. Fundamental Properties of Materials
5. Conductors and Superconductors
6. Semiconductors, Thick and Thin-Film Microcircuits
7. Insulation
8. Magnetic Materials
9. Electroheat and Materials Processing
10. Welding and Soldering
Section C - Control
11. Electrical Measurement
12. Industrial Instrumentation
13. Control Systems
14. Digital Control Systems
15. Microprocessors
16. Programmable Controllers
Section D - Power Electronics and Drives
17. Power Semiconductor Devices
18. Electronic Power Conversion
19. Electrical Machine Drives
20. Motors and Actuators
Section E - Environment
21. Lighting
22. Environmental Control
23. Electromagnetic Compatibility
24. Health and Safety
25. Hazardous Area Technology
Section F - Power Generation
26. Prime Movers
27. Alternative Energy Sources
28. Alternating Current Generators
29. Batteries
Section G - Transmission and Distribution
30. Overhead Lines
31. Cables
32. HVDC
33. Power Transformers
34. Switchgear
35. Protection
36. Electromagnetic Transients
37. Optical Fibres in Power Systems
38. Installation
Section H - Power Systems
39. Power System Planning
40. Power System Operation and Control
41. Reactive Power Plant and FACTS Controllers
42. Electricity Economics and Trading
43. Power Quality
Section I - Sectors of Electricity Use
44. Road Transport
45. Railways
46. Ships
47. Aircraft
48. Mining Applications
49. Standards and Certification

Author Details
"M. A. Laughton"
"D. J. Warne"

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