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Feng Shui - The Complete Idiot's Guide, (Second Edition)

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Reviewed by Feng Shui For Modern Living Magazine as "an American masterpiece that tops the lot," it is now considered the feng shui bible by classical practitioners, teachers, and students of feng shui. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui, Second Edition will continue the first edition's success with the following two major additions.The revision includes coverage of the next level of a method of classical feng shui called Flying Start. And second, for those readers interested only in arranging one's furniture to allow qi to meander in a productive pattern, this section is expanded. More photographs and floorplans are included.
 Part 1: Let’s Get Into Feng Shui
1. What Is Feng Shui?
2. Western Intellectual Heritage and the Holy Grail
3. The Great Wall of Knowledge and the Rise of Feng Shui
4. Qi Wiz! It’s Life’s Force!
Part 2: The Fundamental Principles of Feng Shui
5. The Principle of Yin and Yang
6. The Principle of the Five Phases
7. The Principle of the Eight Trigrams
Part 3: Understanding Your Environment
8. Turtles, Tigers, and Dragons, Oh My: Evaluating Your Environment
9. Home Sweet Home: Evaluating Your House and Its Surroundings
Part 4: Feng Shui Mechanics
10. The Eight Houses, Part 1
11. The Eight Houses, Part 2
12. The Eight Houses, Part 3
Part 5: Feng Shui Mechanics
13. The Flying Stars, Part 1
14. The Flying Stars, Part 2
15. The Flying Stars, Part 3
16. The Flying Stars, Part 4
17. The Flying Stars, Part 5
18. The Flying Stars, Part 6
Part 6: Practical Application
19. A House Hunting We Will Go
20. Does Your Office Measure Up?
Part 7: Fate or Free Will: What’s Your Destiny?
21. Introducing the Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
22. The Four Pillars of Destiny, Part 1
23. The Four Pillars of Destiny, Part 2
24. The Four Pillars of Destiny, Part 3
25. The Four Pillars of Destiny, Part 4
A Glossary
B Common Questions and Practical Answers
C Learn More About Feng Shui
D Chinese Periods and Dynasties
E Learn More About Taking a Proper Compass
Reading Using the 24 Mountains

Author Details
"Elizabeth Moran" is a graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute and is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide® to The I-Ching.

 "Val Biktashev" founded the Beverly Hills-based American Healing Arts Institute in 1997. He has studied with a world-renowned classical feng shui master and has performed nearly 2,000 feng shui readings with successful results.
"Joseph Yu" has been practicing feng shui and Chinese astrology for over thirty years, and is recognized as one of the top five classical feng shui masters in the world. 

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