Monday, November 12, 2018

Feng Shui Secrets - That Will Change Your Life

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You've probably heard of the term 'feng shui' but you might be wondering, what does it really
  really  mean? I bet you  didn't know that feng shui is an easy and fun practice that can help you live a butter life!
Part-1 is designed to give you a thorough understanding in the basics of feng shui what it actually is, its history and how exactly it can help you have a greater life, so let's begins!

Part: 1
Introduction to Feng Shui
1. Fung shui 101
2. Feng shui theory
Part: 2
Feng shui in practice: How to Change Your Life With the Bagua
3. Attracting wealth and Prosperity into your life
4. Improving your Reputation, Fame and Social Life
5. Bosst Your Love Life, Relationship or Marriage
6. Energize Your Creativity and Children Sector
7. Awaken the Helpful People and Travel Zone
8. Achieve Career Success and Life path Guidance
9. Knowledge, Education and Self-Cultivation
10. Enrich your Physical Health and Improve Family Relationship
11. promote Your Sprititual Health and Wellbeing
12. Exploring Feng Shui Cures
 Part: 3
Feng Shui In Your Home and Office
13. Applying Feng Shui to the Maine Areas of Your Home and Office
14. Simple, Powerful ways to Boost Your Home's Energy

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"Lin Mai" 

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