Saturday, November 10, 2018

Fibonacci Trading - How To Master The Time And Price Advantege

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Most traders have been exposed to some aspect of what we call Fibonacci trading, mostly in reference to Fibonacci price retracements. Traders have been using these retracements for years to help identify them price support and resistance. But Fibonacci retracements are just a beginner’s application of these important ratios for trading. It is how you use them in different trading situations that is important. In addition, there are other geometric and harmonic ratios that are equally important that you will learn about in this book. 

Chapter 1: Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Ratio 1
Chapter 2: Applying Fibonacci Ratios to the Price Axis of the Market 5
Chapter 3: Fibonacci Price Retracements 9
Chapter 4: Fibonacci Price Extensions 29
Chapter 5: Fibonacci Price Projections or Objectives 45
Chapter 6: Fibonacci Price Cluster Setups: Trade Setup 1 61
Chapter 7: Symmetry—The Power Tool: Trade Setup 2 
Chapter 8: The Two-Step Pattern Setup: Trade Setup 3 127
Chapter 9: Choosing the Swings for Analysis 147
Chapter 10: Applying Fibonacci Ratios on the Time Axis of the Market 157
Chapter 11: Fibonacci Time Clusters 175
Chapter 12: Using Dynamic Trader Time Projection Reports and Histograms 193
Chapter 13: Time and Price Confluence 205
Chapter 14: Triggers and Indicators 217
Chapter 15: The Ideal Trade Setup 247
Chapter 16: From Analysis to Trade Entry—Putting It All Together 269
Chapter 17: Beating the Odds with a Trading Plan 285

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