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Routledge Handbook Of Religion And Politics

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From the United States to the Middle East, Asia and Africa, religion has become an increasingly important factor in political activity and organisation. This Handbook provides a definitive global survey of the interaction of religion and politics.
 Featuring contributions from an international team of experts, it examines the political aspects of all the world’s major religions, including such crucial contemporary issues as religious fundamentalism, terrorism, the war on terror, the ‘clash of civilisations’ and science and religion.
Four main themes addressed include:
■ The World Religions and Politics
■ Religion and Governance
■ Religion and International Relations
■ Religion, Security and Development
Bibliographies at the end of each chapter guide the reader towards the most up-to-date references on various topics. In addition, large amounts of information make this book an indispensable text for students, academics and the wider public interested in the dynamic relationship between politics and religion.

1 Introduction
Part I: The world religions and politics
2 Buddhism and politics 
3 Christianity: protestantism
4 The Catholic Church and Catholicism in global politics
5 Confucianism, from above and below 
6 Hinduism 
7 Islam and Islamism 
8 Shiism and politics
9 Judaism and the state 128
Shmuel Sandler
Part II: Religion and governance 
10 Secularisation and politics 
11 Religious fundamentalisms 
12 Religion and the state
13 Does God matter, and if so whose God? Religion and democratisation 
14 Religion and political parties 
15 Religion and civil society 
16 Religious commitment and socio-political orientations:
Different patterns of compartmentalisation among Muslims and Christians?
Part III: Religion and international relation
17 Integrating religion into international relations theory
18 Religion and foreign policy 
19 Transnational religious actors and international relations 
20 Religion and globalization 
Part IV: Religion, security and development 341
21 On the nature of religious terrorism 
22 Conflict prevention and peacebuilding
23 Religion and women: Canadian women’s religious volunteering:
compassion, connections and comparisons 
24 Religion and international development 
25 Changing the climate of religious internationalism:
evangelical responses to global warming and human suffering
Author Details
"Jeffrey Haynes" is Professor of Politics at London Metropolitan University, UK. He is the author of 17 previous books and over 100 journal articles and chapters in edited volumes.

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