Friday, November 30, 2018

Handbook of Domestic Ventilation - By "Rodger Edwards"

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A series of studies of homes in England show that around 15% - or some 3 million homes - suffer problems with damp and mould, largely because of poor ventilation. The impact on public health and quality of life is substantial. The Handbook of Domestic Ventilation is a comprehensive study of the basic science, technology and practical application of effective and energy efficient ventilation strategies for dwellings. Unlike other books, the Handbook concentrates on a domestic context rather than looking solely at commercial applications, giving a much needed insight into the requirements of ventilation for the home. Basing his conclusions on both theoretical study and practical experience, Rodger Edwards demonstrates the clear link between poor ventilation and poor health, and tells the reader how to use good quality ventilation as a way of enhancing quality of life and as a health improvement tool.
Key Features:
* Focuses on the needs of domestic rather than commercial ventilation
* Guide to requirements, regulation and standards
* Makes practical techniques accessible to professionals
1. Introduction
2. Indoor issues and health implications (and ventilation requirements)
3. Prediction techniques
4. Measurement techniques
5. Ventilation strategies for dwellings
6. Specialist ventilation strategies
7. Regulations and standards
8. Domestic ventilation: future trends
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"Rodger Edwards"

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