Thursday, November 15, 2018

How I Beat Ulcerative Colitis The Natural Way - By "Niraj Naik"

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This book will take you through my journey with ulceratve colits, from the beginning; right through to my fnal victory with this “disease” that has been a really long and hard batle. I share in detail about everything that really helped and those things that just didn't, even when we are all told they should. 
You will also fnd out about my shocking chance encounter that led to the discovery of a litle known method that put me into full remission within 7 days.

 Limits of Liability & Disclaimer of Warranty 
About the Author
1. Here's My Story In All Its Gory Details (not for faint hearted!)
2. “The Walmart Redemption”
3. Useful Background Information To Make The Blueprint Easier To Follow (heavy stuff!)
4. Why You Get Disease According To Ayurveda
5. What Dosha Type Are You?
6. What Is Ulcerative Colitis?
7. What Is The Western View Of What Causes Ulcerative Colitis
8. What Causes Auto-immune Disorders?
9. What Happens During Stress?
10. What Happens During Unhealthy Stress?
11. My Professional Experience With Stress and Disease:
12. My Own Ice-On-The-Bruise Analogy For Medication
13. Evidence For Alternative Ways To Reduce Stress Besides Medication:
14. A New Hope
15. Understanding Your Mind And The Source Of Your Thoughts
16. “As Above, So Below”
17. The Human Brain
18. Your True “Brain”
19. How Your Mind Works
20. How Do You Tap Into Your SuperConscious Mind?
21. How To Consciously Upgrade Your Mind
22. How To Reclaim Your Conscious Control
23. The Sacred “I AM”
24. The Cultural Hypnosis
25. Your Mind Serves To Protect You At All Costs
26. Your Physiology Becomes Your Psychology
27. Why Sound and Music Can Create A Safe Environment For Your Cells and You To Thrive!
28. Laughter As Medicine
29. A Big Help From Your Little Friends
30. Diet
31. My Magic Weapon, Colostrum
32. Probiotics
33. My Typical Daily Diet Plan
34. Foods To Avoid With Safer Alternatives
35. Important Information
36. My Alpha Mind System For Subconscious Reprogramming + Manifestation
37. A Sure Fire Way To Release Negative Emotions
38. Chakra Meditations For Releasing Negative Emotions
39. 40 Day Sadhana
40. Final Word
41. Recommended Resources:
42. The Alpha Mind System

Author Details
Niraj Naik, has had a roller coaster ride through a multtude of life and entrepreneurial experiences.In
early 2010 he was fnally diagnosed with ulceratve colits afer having previously sufered from its symptoms on and of for several years.

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