Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

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It seems presumptuous for us to be telling anyone else how to read a book (particularly when both of us have been known to start books in the middle or even read them backwards). But since this is our book, we'd hke to tell you how we think it should be tackled. After you've gotten the feel of it by flipping through and glancing at the cartoons, start with Chapter I. Actually do the exercises as you go along. Resist the temptation to skip over them and get to the "good parts." If you have a compatible friend with whom to work on the exercises, so much the better. We hope you'll talk and argue and discuss your answers at length.

A Letter to Readers 
How To Read And Use This Book
1. Helping Children Deal With Their Feeling
2. Engaging Cooperation
3. Alternatives To Punishment
4. Encouraging Autonomy
5. Praise
6. Freeing Children From Playing Roles
7. Putting It All Together What's It All About, Anyway 
Some Books You May Find Interesting
For Further Study

Author Details 

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