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How To Write A Better Thesis - Third Edition
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Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 concern how to get started, and what decisions to make before you even begin. Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 show you how to tackle the various parts of a thesis and bring it to the point of submission. As a developing researcher, as well as writing a thesis you are probably presenting your research in journals and conferences, perhaps in collaboration with your colleagues or supervisor, a topic considered in Chap. 12; in this chapter I also consider some of the other challenges of being a PhD student.
I have used versions of this book as a source for graduate seminars and workshops on thesis writing. Those who are well into their writing seem to get immediate benefit from it. However, if you are at an early stage, I suggest you first read Chaps. 1 and 2 and—although this may seem surprising—Chap. 12. Some of it may not take on an edge of reality until you are well into your writing. As you will see, a key piece of advice (I would love to make it a command!) is that you start writing
as early as possible, right at the beginning of your candidature. So you should also read Chap. 3, and get a sense of how best to make use of a word processor for authoring of a thesis, and of what the technicalities of thesis writing are. Make sure that you check the chapter summaries, which in some cases include discussion of useful kinds of online resources.

 1 What Is a Thesis?
2 Thesis Structure
3 Mechanics of Writing
4 Making a Strong Start
5 The Introductory Chapter
6 Background Chapters
7 Establishing Your Contribution
8 Outcomes and Results
9 The Discussion or Interpretation
10 The Conclusion
11 Before You Submit
12 Beyond the Thesis
Notes on Further Resources

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 "David Evans" 
"Paul Gruba"
"Justin Zobel"

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