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Industrial Communication Technology Handbook - (Second Edition)

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Featuring contributions from major technology vendors, industry consortia, and government and private research establishments, the Industrial Communication Technology Handbook, Second Edition provides comprehensive and authoritative coverage of wire- and wireless-based specialized communication networks used in plant and factory automation, automotive applications, avionics, building automation, energy and power systems, train applications, and more.

New to the Second Edition:
  • 46 brand-new chapters and 21 substantially revised chapters
  • Inclusion of the latest, most significant developments in specialized communication technologies and systems
  • Addition of new application domains for specialized networks
The Industrial Communication Technology Handbook, Second Edition supplies readers with a thorough understanding of the application-specific requirements for communication services and their supporting technologies. It is useful to a broad spectrum of professionals involved in the conception, design, development, standardization, and use of specialized communication networks as well as academic institutions engaged in engineering education and vocational training.

International Advisory Board

Section I Field Area and Control Networks
1 Fieldbus System Fundamentals
2 Networked Control Systems for Manufacturing
3 Configuration and Management of Networked Embedded Devices
4 Smart Transducer Interface Standard for Sensors and Actuators
5 IO-Link (Single-Drop Digital Communication System) for Sensors and Actuators
6 AS-Interface
7 HART over Legacy 4–20 mA Signal Base
8 HART Device Networks
9 Common Industrial Protocol (CIP™) and the Family of CIP Networks

10 Modbus Protocol
13 Sercos® Automation Bus
14 Foundation Fieldbus

 Section II: Industrial Ethernet
16 Switched Ethernet in Automation
17 Real-Time Ethernet for Automation Applications
18 Ethernet for Control Automation Technology
19 Ethernet POWERLINK
20 IEEE 802.1 Audio/Video Bridging and Time-Sensitive Networking
Section III  Fault-Tolerant Clock Synchronization in Industrial Automation Networks
21 Clock Synchronization in Distributed Systems Using NTP and PTP
Section IV: Accessing Factory Floor Data
22 Linking Factory Floor and the Internet
23 MTConnect 

24 Standard Message Specification for Industrial Automation Systems
25 Extending CEA-709 Control Networks over IP Channels
26 Web Services for Embedded Devices

Section V: Safety Technologies in Industrial Networks and Network Security
27 PROFIsafe
28 SafetyNET p Protocol
29 Security in Industrial Communications

Section VI: Wireless Industrial Networks
30 Wireless LAN Technology for the Factory Floor
31 WirelessHART
32 ISA100.11a
33 Comparison of WirelessHART and ISA100.11a for Wireless Instrumentation
34 IEC 62601: Wireless Networks for Industrial Automation–Process Automation (WIA-PA)
35 Wireless Extensions of Real-Time Industrial Networks
36 Wireless Sensor Networks for Automation
37 Design and Implementation of a Truly Wireless Real-Time Sensor/Actuator Interface for Discrete Manufacturing Automation

38 IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (6LoWPAN) and Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
Section VII: Time-Triggered Communication
39 Concepts of Time-Triggered Communication
40 Time-Triggered Protocol (TTP/C)
41 Time-Triggered CAN
42 Time-Triggered Ethernet

Section VIII: Avionics and Aerospace
43 MIL-STD-1553B Digital Time Division Command/Response Multiplex Data Bus
45 ARINC Specification 429 Mark 33 Digital Information Transfer System
46 ARINC 629
47 Commercial Standard Digital Bus
48 SAFEbus
49 Dimensioning of Civilian Avionics Networks

Section IX: Automotive Communication Technologies
50 In-Vehicle Communication Networks

51 Standardized Basic System Software for Automotive Embedded Applications
52 Protocols and Services in Controller Area Networks
53 FlexRay Communication Technology
54 The LIN Standard

Section X: Building Automation
55 State of the Art in Smart Homes and Buildings
56 Fundamentals of LonWorks®/CEA-709 Networks
57 BACnet
58 KNX: A Worldwide Standard Protocol for Home and Building Automation
59 Future Trends in Smart Homes and Buildings

Section XI: Energy and Power Systems
60 Protocols for Automatic Meter Reading
61 Communication Protocols for Power System Automation
62 IEC 61850: A Single Standard for the Engineering, Protection, Automation, and Supervision of Power Systems on All Voltage Levels
63 Fundamentals of the IEC 61400-25 Standard

Section XII: Communication Networks and Services in Railway Applications
64 Communication in Train Control
65 Ethernet Extensions for Train Communication Network

Section XIII: Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
66 Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International Interface and Communication Standards.

Section XIV: Emerging Protocols and Technologies
67 Brain

Author Details
"Richard Zurawski", M.Eng, Ph.D, IEEE fellow, is with ISA Group, USA. He has over 35 years of academic and industrial experience, including a regular professorial appointment at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Since 1998, Dr. Zurawski has been involved in entrepreneurial activities in Silicon Valley. He co-founded three Silicon Valley-based hi-tech companies.  

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