Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Just Enough Web Programming with XHTML, PHP, and MySQL (Free PDF)

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Welcome to Just Enough Web Programming, part of the Just Enough series of books, where the author’s aim is to equip the readers with accurate information that is immediately useful, rather than trying to make them an expert overnight.
In particular, Just Enough Web Programming will provide:
  • An understanding of Web publishing
  •  A build-up of useful information over time
  •  Reference chapters for later use, whenever you get stuck in the real world
  • Examples using real-world services that would otherwise be difficult to leverage
You should be able to get started very quickly, by taking the basic outline principles and shading in the detail as they progress. A newcomer to the World Wide Web and online publishing can start at the very beginning, and work right through to the end, whereas those who already have some experience can pick up additional tips and tricks at the appropriate point.
The book begins with the ‘‘Getting Started’’ chapter, where you learn about tools that you can use to deploy Web applications and services. This chapter also points out some useful paths through the rest of the book for those needing specific guidance—for college courses, work-related problem solving, and so on. 

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Internet Recap
Chapter 3: HTML, XML, and XHTML
Chapter 4: CSS and Styles
Chapter 5: Client Side Scripting
Chapter 6: Server Side Scripting
Chapter 7: Web Databases
Chapter 8: Content Management Systems
Chapter 9: Web 2.0 Features
Chapter 10: Setting Up with Open Source
Chapter 11: Web References

Author Details
"Guy W. Lecky-Thompson" holds a BSc. in Computer Studies from the University of Derby, UK, and has written articles and books on a variety of subjects, from software engineering to video game design and programming.

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