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Letter From A Stoic - Penguin Classics - By "Seneca"

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 It is perhaps hard to resist quoting here (in no way seeking to disarm criticism!) from the preface and postscript to the anthology Seneca's Morals by Way of Abstraa published by Sir Roger L'Estrange in 1673: Some other Man, in my Place, would perchance, make you twenty Apologies, for his want of Skill, and AddreJs, in governing this Affair, but theJe are FontUJl, and Pedantique Fooleries: As if any Man that firJt takes himJelf for a Coxcomb in his own Heart, would afterwards make himJelf one in Print too. This Abftract, such as it is, you are extremely welcome to; and I am Jorry it is no better, both for your Jakes and my own: for if it were written up to the Spirit of the Original, it would be one of the moJt valuable PreJents that ever any private Man beJtow' d upon the Publick :

Books, and Difhes have this Common Fate; there was never any One, of Either of them, that pleas' d All Palates. And, in Truth, it is a Thing as little to be WiJh'd for, as Expected; For, an Univerfal Applaufe is at leaft Two Thirds of a Scandal. So that though I deliver up thefe Papers to the Prefs, I invite no Ma" to the Reading of them: And, whofoever Reads, and Repents; it is his Own Fault. To Conclude, as I made this Compofition Principally for my Self,fo it agrees exceedingly Well with My
Conftitution; and yet, if any Man has a Mind to take part with me, he has Free Leave, and Welcome. But, let him Carry this Confirkration along with him, that He's a very Unmannerly Gueft, that preJJes upon another Bodies Table, and then Quarrels with his Dinner.

His letters and other writings
His style
His influence and appeal
Note on translation and text
APPENDIX: Tacitus' account ofSeneca's death
Index of persons and places 

Author Detail
"LUCIUS ANNAEUS SENECA" was born at Cordoba, then the leading town in Roman Spain, at about the same time as Christ

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