Friday, November 16, 2018

Modern Russian Grammar - Work Book - By "Jhon Dunn and Shamil Khairov" 

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This book is an innovative reference grammar, aimed at meeting the practical needs of English speakers who are learning Russian as a foreign language. It provides the necessary structural and functional information to enable users properly to interpret what they hear and read, and to communicate effectively, both in speech and in writing, in a wide range of situations. Most people who learn Russian start the language at university, and our book is aimed particularly at students in the first two years of a university course. It will, however, also be valuable for more advanced students, as well as for those learning Russian at school or independently. Although not particularly orientated towards ‘business Russian’, the book will be useful for those whose reasons for learning the language are related to business.

How to use this book
Glossary of grammatical terms
Part A: Structures
1 Sounds and spelling
2 Nouns
3 Case
4 Verbs
5 Aspects of the verb
6 Adjectives
7 Pronouns
8 Numerals and other quantity words
9 Uninflected parts of speech
10 Word formation
11 Agreement
Part B: Functions
12 Establishing identity
13 Establishing contact
14 Being, becoming and possession
15 Negation
16 Expressing attitudes
17 Asking questions
18 Obligation, instructions, requests, advice and permission
19 Using numbers: talking about times, dates and quantities
20 Focus and emphasis
21 Establishing contexts and connections
22 Coming and going
23 Communication strategies

Author Details
" John Dunn"
"Shamil Khairov"

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