Thursday, November 15, 2018

Order Out Of Chaos - Man's New Dialogue With Nature

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This book deals with the conceptual transformation of science from the Golden Age of classical science to the present. To describe this transformation we could have chosen many roads. We could have studied the problems of elementary particles. We could have followed recent fascinating developments in astrophysics. These are the subjects that seem to delimit the frontiers of science. However, as we stated in our Preface, over the past years so many new fea􀔚ures of nature at our level have been discovered that we decided to concentrate on this intermediate level, on problems that belong mainly to our macroscopic world, which includes atoms, molecules , and especially biomolecules. Still it is important to emphasize that the evolution of science proceeds on somewhat parallel lines at every level, be it that of elementary particles, chemistry, biology, or cosmology. On every scale self-organization, complexity, and time play a new and unexpected role.

FOREWORD: Science and Change by Alvin Toffier
PREFACE: Man's New Dialogue with Nature
INTRODUCTION: The Challenge to Science 
Book One: The Delusion of the Universal
CHAPTER ONE: The Triumph of Reason
CHAPTER TWO: The Identification of the Real
Book Two: The Science of Complexity
CHAPTER FOUR: Energy and the Industrial Age 
CHAPTER FIVE: The Three Stages of Thermodynamics
CHAPTER SIX: Order Through Fluctuations
Book Three: From Being to Becoming
CHAPTER SEVEN: Rediscovering Time
CHAPTER  EIGHT: The Clash of Doctrines
CHAPTER NINE: Irreversibility-the Entropy Barrier
CONCLUSIONS: From Earth to Heaventhe - Reenchantment of Nature

Author Details
"llya Prigogine"
"Isabelle Stengers"

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