Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Political Ideologies And The Democratic Ideal

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In this, the ninth edition of Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal, we have tried to track and take account of changes in our world and in how people interpret those changes with the aid of one or another ideology. This is no easy task, and we sometimes fear that any account must fall short of the mark. Nevertheless, we have here done our best to offer a reasonably up-to-date and systematic account of the ideologies that have shaped and continue to reshape the world in which we live. As before, we have described in some detail the deeper historical background out of which these ideologies emerged and developed.

To the Reader 
About the Authors
Part One:- Ideology and Democracy
Chapter 1: Ideology and Ideologies
Chapter 2: The Democratic Ideal
Part Two:- The Development of Political Ideologies
Chapter 3: Liberalism
Chapter 4: Conservatism
Chapter 5: Socialism and Communism: From More to Marx
Chapter 6: Socialism and Communism After Marx
Chapter 7: Fascism
Part Three:- Political Ideologies Today and Tomorrow
Chapter 8: Liberation Ideologies and the Politics of Identity
Chapter 9: “Green” Politics: Ecology as Ideology
Chapter 10: Radical Islamism
Chapter 11: Postscript: The Future of Ideology
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Arizona State University

University of Richmond

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