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Principles of Turbo Machinery (Free PDF)

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The objectives outlined in the preface to the first edition have remained unchanged in preparing this edition as they have continued to be the basis of my teaching programme. This edition is therefore not radically different from the first, which to my pleasure and relief was well received by those who obtained and used the book. I have taken the opportunity to correct errors that occurred, have improved some diagrams and added others, and brought all the material on cavitation together into Chapter 3: I hope that this gives a more connected account of this very important topic. I have added some updated material in places, have added some references, and hope that by this means the reader can pursue some topics in more depth after reading this introduction.The worked examples that were included in the text have been retained, and extra exercises have been added where students have commented on the need for further clarification. A major change has been the addition of sets of problems for solution by the reader. These are given at the end of all chapters but four, five and ten. These are based in most cases on the questions set over the years in the Finals in the course on Turbomachinery at Loughborough University of Technology, and I am grateful for the permission granted by the University authorities to use them. While the problems are placed at the end of each chapter, the solutions are collected together at the end of the book. It is hoped that readers will attempt the problems first and then turn to the end for help. I hope that this edition is free from error and ambiguity. and as an earnest seeker after truth will be grateful for comments and suggestions.
I must acknowledge the invaluable help of Mrs Janet Redman for her translation of my sketches and of Mrs Gail Kirton who typed the new chapters. Finally, my thanks to my dear wife who has been patient and helpful as always.

Content :-
CHAPTER -1 : Fundamental principles
CHAPTER -2 : Principles and practice of scaling laws
CHAPTER -3 : Cavitation.
CHAPTER -4 : Principles of axial flow machines.
CHAPTER -5 : Principles of radial and mixed flow machines.
CHAPTER -6 : Centrifugal machines.
CHAPTER -7 : Axial machines for in compressible flow
CHAPTER -8 : Axial turbines and compressors for compressible flow
CHAPTER -9 : Radial flow turbines.
CHAPTER -10 : Special machine applications

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Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Lough borough University of Technology.

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