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Problems Of Everyday Life - By "Leon Trotsky"

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The dramatic twists and turns of his career , its sudden ascent from obscurity to the summits of power followed by its equally precipitous drop into exile , penury , and persecution , have few parallels in the twentieth century. Consider only his biography from the Russian Revolution in 1917 through the mid- 1 920s , the period during which most of the pieces in this collection were written. As the president of the Petrograd Soviet and the director of its Military Revolutionary Committee, Trotsky led the October uprising that brought the Bolsheviks to power and inaugurated the postcapitalist epoch in world history. He was the first commissar of foreign affairs; then he undertook the organization and command of the Red Army. He was commissar of war from 1918 to 192 5. But the tremendous burden of guiding the destiny of the workers' state with Lenin seems only to have heightened the attention Trotsky gave to every detail of its development , to matters that others might have thought were so far afield from the responsibilities of state as to warrant little attention from a leader of Trotsky's stature. But Trotsky's concern for the revolution touched every aspect of Russian life. 

by George Novack
PART I: Problems of Everyday Life
1. Not by Politics Alone
2. Habit and Custom
3. Vodka, the Church, and the Cinema
4. From the Old Family to the New
5.The Family and Ceremony Civility and Politeness as a Necessary
6. Lubricant in Daily Relations
7. The Struggle for Cultured Speech
8. Against Bureaucracy, Progressive and Unprogressive
9. How to Begin
10. Attention to Trifles!
11. "Thou" and "You" in the Red Army
12. Introduction to the Tatar-Language Edition
13. Thermidor in the Family
PART II: Education and Culture
1. Alas, We Are Not Accurate Enough!
2. Youth and the Phase of Petty Jobs
3. The Red Army, Seedbed of Enlightenment
4. Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin
5. Tasks of Communist Education
6. The Newspaper and Its Readers
7. Big and Small
8. On Bibliography
9. A Few Words on How to Raise a Human Being
10. L eninism and Lib rary Work
11. The Cultural Role of the Worker Correspondent
12. On Steno graphy
13. Next Task s for Work er C orrespondents
14. F or Freedom in Education
PAR T III: Sc ience and Technology
1. Science in the T a sk of S ocialist Construction
2. D ialectical Materialism and Science
3. Culture and Socialism
4. Radio, Science, Technology, and S ociety
PAR T IV. The Materialist Outlook
1. Y outh Fills the B reach
2. Work: The Basis of L ife
3. Attention to Theory!
4. The Curve of C a pitalist Development
5. Y oung People, Study Politics!
6. L eninism and Work ers' Club s
7. The Party in the F ields of Art and Philosophy
8. The ABC of Dialectical Materialism

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