Friday, November 2, 2018

Roultedge Handbook of International Law

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Routledge Handbook of International Law provides a definitive global survey of the interaction of international politics and international law. Each chapter is written by a leading expert and provides a state-of-the-art overview of the most significant areas within the field. This highly topical collection of specially commissioned papers from both established authorities and rising stars is split into four key sections:

The Nature of International Law including the interaction between the disciplines of international law and international relations
Evolution of International Law progressing from the ancient world to present day 

Law and Power in International Society discussing topical issues such as the war in Iraq and the international criminal court
Key Issues in International Law including international refugee law, indigenous rights,intellectual property, trade and the challenges presented by ‘new terrorism’

A comprehensive survey of the state of the discipline, Routledge Handbook of International Law is an essential work of reference for scholars and practitioners of international law.

Contents :- 
Author biographical sketches.
List of abbreviations.
Legal cases.
Reports, legislation and treaties.
About "David Armstrong" .
Section I: The nature of international law.
Section II: Evolution of international law.
Section III: Law and power in international society.
Section IV: Key issues in international law.

Author Details :- 
 "David Armstrong "

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