Thursday, November 8, 2018

The BIble On Leadetship

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A book is never the result of just one person. I’d like to thank Kevin Barron and Meldron Young. Their enthusiastic response to my idea and also to the chapter drafts kept me ‘‘on purpose.’’ Thanks to Bill Hill for reminding me of the intersection of business and the spirit. Adrienne Hickey asked for my best and helped me focus my efforts. Erika Spelman ushered the book into final production with patience and biblical forebearance. 

1. Honesty and Integrity 
2. Purpose
3. Kindness and Compassion
4. Humility
5. Communication
6. Performance Management
7. Team Development
8. Courage
9. Justice and Fairness
10. Leadership Development

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"Lorin Woolfe"

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