Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Immortals Of Meluha - Shiva Trilogy 1 - By "Amish"

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They say that writing is a lonely profession. They lie. An outstanding group of people have
come together to make this book possible. And I would like to thank them.
me through all aspects of this book.

This work is therefore a tribute to Lord Shiva and the lesson that his life teaches us. A lesson lost in the depths of time and ignorance. A lesson, that all of us can rise to be better people. A lesson, that there exists a potential god in every single human being. All we have to do is listen to ourselves.

The Shiva Trilogy
Chapter 1 :
He has come!
Chapter 2 :
Land of Pure Life
Chapter 3 :
She Enters His Life
Chapter 4 :
Abode of the Gods
Chapter 5 :
Tribe of Brahma
Chapter 6 :
Vikarma, the Carriers of Bad Fate
Chapter 7 :
Lord Ram’s Unfinished Task
Chapter 8 :
Drink of the Gods
Chapter 9 :
Love and its Consequences
Chapter 10 :
The Hooded Figure Returns
Chapter 11 :
Neelkanth Unveiled
Chapter 12 :
Journey through Meluha
Chapter 13 :
Blessings of the Impure
Chapter 14 :
Pandit of Mohan Jo Daro
Chapter 15 :
Trial by Fire
Chapter 16 :
The Sun & Earth
Chapter 17 :
The Battle of Koonj
Chapter 18 :
Sati and the Fire Arrow
Chapter 19 :
Love Realised
Chapter 20 :
Attack on Mandar
Chapter 21 :
Preparation for War
Chapter 22 :
Empire of Evil
Chapter 23 :
Dharmayudh, the Holy War
Chapter 24 :
A Stunning Revelation
Chapter 25 :
Island of the Individual
Chapter 26 :
The Question of Questions

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