Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Untethered Soul - The Journey Beyond Yourself - By "Michael A. Singer"

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“The Untethered Soul is a brilliant treatment of the path of spiritual consciousness. It is clearly and powerfully written. Michael A. Singer provides a firm step for those on a spiritual journey.” “This publication has released boundless joy for the hungry souls of the world.” 
The chapters of this book are nothing but mirrors for seeing your “self” from different angles. And though the journey we are about to embark on is an inner one, it will draw upon every aspect of your life. The only requirement asked of you is the willingness to honestly look at yourself in the most natural, intuitive manner. Remember, if we are seeking the root of “self,” what we are actually seeking is you.

Part 1: Awakening Consciousness
1. The Voice Inside Your Head
2. Your Inner Roommate
3. Who Are You?
4. The Lucid Self
Part 2: Experiencing Energy
5 Infinite Energy
6. The Secrets of the Spiritual Heart
7. Transcending the Tendency to Close
Part 3: Freeing Yourself
8. Let Go Now or Fall
9. Removing Your Inner Thorn
10. Stealing Freedom for Your Soul
11. Pain, the Price of Freedom
Part 4: Going Beyond
12. Taking Down the Walls
13. Far, Far Beyond
14. Letting Go of False Solidity
Part 5: Living Life
15. The Path of Unconditional Happiness
16. The Spiritual Path of Nonresistance
17. Contemplating Death
18. The Secret of the Middle Way
19. The Loving Eyes of God

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"Michael A. Singer"

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