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Thermal Power Plant Simulation and Control - By "Damian Flynn" 
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The level of the book makes it suitable for engineers working in the power generation industry who wish to gain an appreciation of the advances which have taken place in this field within the research community. It should also provide a very useful overview for new and experienced researchers working in this area. A number of the contributions to this book arise from work carried out at, or in collaboration with, universities and research institutions, while others benefit from the experience of practitioners in the industry. A natural consequence of this is that a mixture of viewpoints is offered, with a contrast between the use of academic and industrial terminology. The mathematical content of the book is sufficient to give an indication of the underlying technologies, and the deficiencies of more traditional techniques, with the reader directed to related work for further detail.
Significant changes over the past decade in computing technology, along with widespread deregulation of electricity industries, have impacted on power plant operations while affording engineers the opportunity to introduce monitoring and plant-wide control schemes which were previously unfeasible. Contributors of world-class excellence are brought together in Thermal Power Plant Simulation and Control to illustrate how current areas of research can be applied to power plant operation, leading to enhanced unit performance, asset management and plant competitiveness through intelligent monitoring and control strategies. 

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1. Advances in power plant technology

Part 1: Modelling and simulation2. Modelling of power plants
Part 2: Control3. Modelling and control of pulverised fuel coal mills
4. Generator excitation control using local model networks
5. Steam temperature control
6. Supervisory predictive control of a combined cycle thermal power plant
7. Multivariable power plant control
Part 3: Monitoring, optimisation and supervision8. Extending plant load-following capabilities
9. Modelling of NOx emissions in coal-fired plant
10. Model-based fault detection in a high-pressure heater line
11. Data mining for performance monitoring and optimisation
12. Advanced plant management systems
Part 4: The future13. Physical model-based coordinated power plant control
14. Management and integration of power plant operations

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"Damian Flynn"

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