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Trading Rules to Successful Profits - Effective Tips, Tactics, & Rules of Successful Traders

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The following has been derived over many years of investing experience from numerous sources. It incorporates rules specifically applied to the use of candlestick signals. Since investing has become a more active part of people's lives, general investing rules are also included in this chapter. The mental state of an investor, as well as mechanically imposed disciplines, is important to successful investing.
Investing requires discipline. Every investor should utilize an investment program. The obvious reasons include not investing willy-nilly without any guidance or course. The biggest downfall for most investors is their own emotions. The candlestick signals provide a very simple and easy-to-use
investment platfonn. The investment rationale incorporated into the candlestick signals provide insights into investment sentiment not found in any other trading method. 

1. Trading Rules to Successful Profits
2. Incorporate Good Investment procedures
3. When in Doubt - Get Out!
4. Analyze what would negate a good potential trade
 5. Document Winning and Losing Trades
6. Do Not Trade When Not Feeling Well
7. Preserve Capital
8. Don't look back!
9. Do not chase trades
10. Cut Your Losses Short, Let Your Profits Run. 
11. If an External Event/Announcement Changes the Reason for being in a Trade - Close it!!! 
12. Set Your Stops
13. The Fear of Selling Too Soon
14. Averaging Down
15. Analyzing Profit Targets
16. Take Windfall Profits
17. Take Profits, do not immediately re-enter if the price keeps moving
18. Sell half your position on big price moves
19. Do not Formulate New Opinions/Strategies as a Trade Progresses
20. Other Opinions
21. Watch the Charts - Not the News
22. Trade the Chart Pattern, Not the Name.
23. Stay With Your Indicators
24. Stay With Your Trading Program
25. When panic is seen at the bottom, start watching for buy signals. 
26. When exuberant buying appears at the top, start taking profits 
27. The Trend is your Friend
28. Trading channels
29. Moving averages act as targets
30. Use support and resistance levels with candlestick signals to your advantage
31. The signal is the main factor
32. Simple Rules for Gaps with Candlestick Signals
33. A gap up at the top
34. A gap down at the bottom
35. A gap down at the top
36. A gap up at the bottom
37. The Significance of the Major Signals
38. Doji at end of flat trading
39. The Bigger the Bullish Engulfing Signal, the more powerfu I the reversal
40. A Bearish Engulfing signal confirms the sellina
41. A Harami needs confirmation
42. The bigger the upper shadow, the more convincing the reversal
43. The upper shadow is what made the bears nervous
44. The lower shadow starts creating concern for the Bulls
45. PIERCING PATTERN the Piercing signal
46. A greater the gap up, followed by a weak close, makes the Dark Cloud more significant
47. A gap down followed by a gap up in a morning star signal makes the reversal much more powerful
48. The third candle of the pattern indicates the strength of the new direction 
49. Why Use Rules

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