Tuesday, November 20, 2018

UNLIMITED MEMORY - How To Use Advanced Learning Strategies To Learn Faster, Remember More And Be More Productive


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What would your life be like if you could learn and remember information easily, quickly, and effectively? Think about it.
In this short, easy-to-read book I will provide you with a set of powerful memory-enhancing mindsets and skills, which will allow you to take control of your learning and your life. You will discover many amazing methods, both ancient and new, that have been modeled from the world’s best minds in the areas of accelerated learning and memory development. This book will give you information that school forgot to teach you. The approach is all about running your own brain; I believe that this can only be possible with the foundation of memory. 

Chapter 1. Introduction
Part 1. Concentrate
Chapter 2. Excuse me
Chapter 3. Never believe a lie
Chapter 4. Be here now
Part 2. Create and connect
Chapter 5. Bring information to life
Chapter 6. Use your car to remember
Chapter 7. Use your body to remember
Chapter 8. Pegging information down
Chapter 9. In the first place
Chapter 10. Linking thoughts
Chapter 11. Remembering names
Chapter 12. Remembering numbers
Chapter 13. Art in memory
Chapter 14. Using the methods
Part 3. Continuous use
Chapter 15. Self-discipline
Chapter 16. Review to renew
Endings are the seeds for beginnings
About The Author

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"KEVIN HORSLEY" He is a World Memory Championship medalist, and a two-time World Record holder for The Everest of memory tests. Kevin is also an author of four books, and the designer of a times table game with the Serious Games Institute at North-West University Vaal Campus.
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