Monday, November 26, 2018

Very Important Lecture Note's On Psychometric Chart (Free PDF Files)

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Atmospheric air makes up the environment in almost every type of air conditioning system. Hence a thorough understanding of the properties of atmospheric air and the ability to analyze various processes involving air is fundamental to air conditioning design.
Psychrometry is the science dealing with the physical laws of air-water vapour mixtures.
Psychrometry Chart contains Relation between-Properties of air and moisture.
•Dry bulb temperature: It is the temperature of air measured by thermometer.
•Wet Bulb Temperature: It is the temperature of the air measured by a thermometer whose bulb is covered with a wet wick or cloth. The wet-bulb temperature of the air is recorded after rapidly moving the thermometer in the air and allowing the temperature to stabiles. It is called the wet-bulb temperature because the bulb of the thermometer is wet when the temperature reading is taken.

Links are given Below to Download Some Very Important Lectures about the Study of Psychometric Chart 

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