Yoga Girl - By "Rachel Brathen"

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Welcome to life as a yoga girl! Or yoga boy, for that matter. Yoga is a practice for anyone and everyone, and I’m here to share with you the big secret of finding success and balance in your life, yogi style.
The secret is, there is none. There is no grand recipe for a perfect life. In today’s fast-paced society we often find ourselves looking for a quick fix, the next big thing to make us feel better, which is why we see new health trends and diets taking the world by storm every other week. I am not here to announce the newest weight-loss technique or to tell you that you should be eating fewer carbs or more carbs or no carbs (ah, that’s it!) or whatever fad is hitting the Internet this morning. I am not here to tell you to change your life so that you can be better.

CHAPTER 1: Yoga Every Damn Day
CHAPTER 2: To Love What is Ahead, You Must Love What Has Come Before
CHAPTER 3: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
CHAPTER 4: The Body Is a Place for the Soul to Reside In
CHAPTER 5: Going with the Flow
CHAPTER 6: Love Over Fear
CHAPTER 7: Moments of Silence

"Rachel Brathen" is a world-renowned yoga instructor who teaches workshops, leads yoga retreats, and gives lectures around the globe. 

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