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Your Money or Your Life! - The Tyranny of Global Finance - By "Eric Toussaint"

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When this book is released in English by Pluto Press in the spring of 1999, it will have already appeared in six other languages: French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Turkish and Greek. For a book that does not hide its hostility to the neo-liberal project, this in itself is a sign of renewed interest in global alternatives to mainstream thinking. Meetings have been organised to launch the book in a number of countries in Latin America, Africa and Europe. The meetings have provided an opportunity to test the validity of the book's main arguments. The results have been encouraging. As a result of the exchange organised around the proposals advanced in chapter 17, these proposals will be reworked in line with the thoughtful criticisms and additions I have received.
A number of significant events have taken place since the book was completed in May 1998. They provide the raw material necessary for fine-tuning the book's main theses. 

List of Tables and Figures
Foreword by Christian de Brie
Preface to English Edition
1. Globalisation and the Neo-Liberal Offensive
2. The Concentration of Capital
3. Globalisation and Exclusion: the Marginalisation of the Third World and the Strengthening of the Triad
4. Financial Globalisation
5. Globalisation and the Growing Debt Burden
6. The Debt Crisis in Historical Perspective
7. The Third World Debt Crisis in the 19 8 Os and 19 9 Os
8. The Transfer of Wealth from the South to the North
9. The World Bank and the IMF: 50 Years is Enough!
10. The World Bank and the Third World Debt Crisis
11. Structural Adjustment Programmes
12. The Two Phases of Structural Adjustment
13. Neo-Liberal Ideology and Policies in Historical Perspective
14. Debt in the 1990s: Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa
15. Case Studies
16. The Asian Crisis and its International Repercussions
17. Towards an Alternative
18. Globalising Resistance
Chronology: The World Bank, the IMF and the Third World

Author Details
"Eric Toussaint" 
Translated by
"Raghu Krishnan"

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