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2009 National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated

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The Development of a recommended code of plumbing practice, design, and installation, including the establishment of performance criteria predicated in the need for protection of health and safety through proper design, installation, and maintenance of plumbing systems. This scope excludes the development of specific standards related to the compositions, Dimensions, and/or mechanical and physical properties of materials, fixtures, devices, and equipment used or installed in plumbing systems.

Purpose: To provide practices and performance criteria for the protection of heath and safety through proper design and installation of plumbing system.

Chapter 1: Definitions
Chapter 2: General Regulations
Chapter 3: materials
Chapter 4: Joints and Connections
Chapter 5: Traps, Cleanouts and  Backwater Valves
Chapter 6: Interceptors
Chapter 7: Plumbing Fixtures, Fixture Fittings and Plumbing Appliances    
Chapter 8: Hangers and Supports
Chapter 9: Indirect Waste Piping and Special Wastes
Chapter10: Water Supply and Distribution
Chapter 11: Sanitary Drainage Systems
Chapter12: Vents and Venting
Chapter 13: Storm Water Drainage
Chapter 14: Special Requirements for Health Care Facilities
Chapter 15: Tests and Maintenance
Chapter 16: Regulations Governing Individual Sewage Disposal Systems for Homes & Other Establishments Where Public Sewage Systems Are Not Available
Chapter 17: potable water Supply Systems
Chapter 18: Mobil Home & Travel Trailer Park Plumbing standards.

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