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A Textbook of Electrical Technology: Volume IV


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Electrical technology, as a subject, covers various divisions of electrical engineering like basic electrical engineering, electronics, control systems, instrumentation and communication systems.
For close to 60 years, “A Textbook of Electrical Technology: Volume IV {Electronic Devices and Circuits}” discusses and explains various theories related to Electronic Devices and Circuits of Electrical technology. Coverage of topics such as Amplifiers and Power Supplies as chapters illustrate the depth provided within the text in a succinct manner. 

51. Semiconductor Physics 
52. P-N Junction Diode 
53. Optoelctronic Devices 
54. Special Diodes 
55. D..C. Power Supplies 
56. Regulated Power Supply 
57. Bipolar Junction Transisitor 
58. Load Lines And Dc Biased Circuits 
59. Transisitor Equivalent Circuit And Models 
60. Single-Stage Transistor Amplifiers 
61. Multistage And Feedback Amplifiers 
62. Feedback Amplifier 
63. Field Effect Transistors 
64. Breakdown Devices 
65. Sinusoidal And Non-Sinusoidal Oscillators 
66. Modulation And Demodulation 
67. Integrated Circuits 
68. Op-Amp And Its Applications 
69. Number Systems And Codes 
70. Logic Gates 
71. Boolean Algebra & Logic Families 
72. Flip-Flops And Related Devices 
73. Electronic Instruments 

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"B L Theraja"
"A K Theraja"

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