Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Textbook of Electrical Technology: Volume III


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Electrical technology, as a subject, covers various divisions of electrical engineering like basic electrical engineering, electronics, control systems, instrumentation and communication systems.
For close to 60 years, “A Textbook of Electrical Technology: Volume III {Transmission, Distribution and Utilization}” discusses and explains various theories related to Transmission, Distribution and Utilization aspects of Electrical technology. Coverage of topics such as Rating & Service Capacity and Distribution Automation as full chapters illustrate the depth provided within the text in a succinct manner. 

40. D.C. Transmission And Distribution 
41.  A.C. Transmission 
42.  Distriemtion Electric Traction 
43.  Industrial Applications Of Electric Motors 
44.  Distribution Automation 
45.  Electronic Control Of Ac Motors 
46.  Electric Heating 
47.  Rating And Service Capacity 
48.  Electric We

Author Details
"B L Theraj"
"A K Theraja"

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