Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Building Design and Construction Handbook (6th Edition)

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A where-would-you-be-without-it handbook covering every single important step in building design and construction, now updated to include key changes in design and construction practices. Surveys materials, structures, soil mechanics and foundations, building types, hardware, insulation, acoustics, plumbing, and more--all the material that will help architects, engineers, contractors, and others work better, faster, and smarter. Includes new design specifications; the latest developments in seismic and wind design criteria; new building systems and material; updated building codes throughout; NFPA requirements; and new wood material and codes. 

Section 1: System Fundamentals
Section 2: The Building Team-Managing the Building Process
Section 3: Protection against Hazards
Section 4: Building Materials
Section 5: Structural Theory
Section 6: Soil Mechanics and Foundations
Section 7: Structural Steel Construction
Section 8: Cold-Formed Steel Construction
Section 9: Concrete Construction
Section 10: Wood Construction
Section 11: Wall, Floor, and Ceiling Systems
Section 12: Roof Systems
Section 13: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Section 14: Plumbing—Water-Supply, Sprinkler, and Wastewater Systems
Section 15: Electrical Systems
Section 16: Vertical Circulation
Section 17: Construction Project Management
Section 18: Communications Systems
Section 19: Construction Cost Estimating
Appendix Factors for Conversion to the Metric System (SI) of Units

Author Details
"Frederick S. Merritt" (deceased) was a consulting engineer for many years, with experience in building and bridge design, structural analysis, and construction management. A Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a Senior Member of ASTM, he was a former senior editor of Engineering News-Record and an author/editor of many books, including McGraw-Hill’s Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers and Structural Steel Designer’s Handbook.

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