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Control Systems for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (6th Edition)

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This book is intended to provide guidance to engineers who are designing controls for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems and to those who maintain and trouble shoot these
Since our last edition, the industry has seen a major transition from analog pneumatic control to digital electronic control. New systems are often a mix of digital controllers with pneumatic actuation, especially if big valves or damper actuators are involved. Simultaneously, all electronic systems have piggy backed on the ever expanding networking technology in buildings (and beyond) and offer expanded control options. We have tried to highlight this in a revised chapter 10.
Designers of new systems are referred to chapters 6,7, and 10. 
Another issue of heightend concern is indoor air quality. Chapter 6 discusses how outdoor air control can insure that the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62 can be met.
Achieving good environmental control in buildings requires a well designed and commisssioned HVAC system. The control system makes or breaks the design. We hope our book will provide useful
information to practioners, especially those new to our profession.

README first please
Chapter 1: Control Theory and Terminology
Chapter 2: Pneumatic Control Devices
Chapter 3: Electric and Electronic Control Devices
Chapter 4: Fluidic Control Devices
Chapter 5: Flow Control Devices
Chapter 6: Elementary Control Systems
Chapter 7: Complete Control Systems
Chapter 8: Electric Control Systems
Chapter 9: Special Control
Chapter 10: Digital and Supervisory Control Systems
Chapter 11: Psychrometrics
Chapter 12: Central Plant Pumping and Distribution Systems
Chapter 13: Retrofit of Existing Control Systems 
Chapter 14: Dynamic Response and Tuning
Abbreviations Used in This Book
Symbols Used in This Book

Author Details
"Roger W. Haines"

Laguna Woods, CA

"Douglas C. Hittle"

Director, Solar Energy Applications Laboratory
Colorado State Universiw
Ft. Collins, CO

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