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Design and Construction of Tunnels - By "Pietro Lunardi" (Free PDF)


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This work illustrates how the Analysis of Controlled Deformation in Rocks and Soils (ADECO-RS) is used in the design and the construction of tunnels.
The ADECO-RS approach makes a clear distinction between the design and the construction stages and allows reliable forecasts of construction times and costs to be made. It uses the advance core (the core of ground ahead of the face) as a structural tool for the long and short term stabilisation of tunnels, after its rigidity has first been regulated using conservation techniques. Tunnels can consequently be driven in difficult stress-strain conditions to predetermined safety standards with operations industrialised and scheduled precisely.
Thanks to this approach design engineers have been able to employ industrial criteria in tunnel excavation, even under extremely difficult stress-strain conditions.

A note to the reader 
From the research to ADECO-RS

1 The dynamics of tunnel advance
2 The deformation response of the medium to excavation
3 Analysis of the deformation response according to the ADECO-RS approach
4 Control of the deformation response according to the ADECO-RS approach
5 The analysis of controlled deformation in rocks and soils The design stage
6 The survey phase
7 The diagnosis phase
8 The therapy phaseThe construction stage
9 The operational phase
10 The monitoring phase 
Final considerations
Introduction to the appendices
Final considerations
Introduction to the appendices
Appendix A The design and construction of tunnels
for the new Rome-Naples high speed/capacity railway line
Appendix B The design and construction of tunnels for the new Bologna-Florence high speed/capacity railway line 
Appendix C The Tartaiguille tunnel
Appendix D Cellular arch technology
Appendix E Artificial Ground Overburdens (A.G.O.) 
Appendix F Portals in difficult ground
Appendix G Widening road, motorway and railway tunnels
without interrupting use 
Contents of the special focus boxes

Author Details
"Pietro Lunardi" A civil engineer in the field of transport, he is one of the greatest experts in world on the design and construction of underground works, the creator of highly innovative solutions: the cellular arch, developed for the construction of the Porta Venezia station on the Milan Railway Link Line for which he was nominated “Man of the Year in the construction field” by the United States journal “Engineering News-Record”; shells of improved ground using jet-grouting techniques; full face mechanical precutting, face reinforcement using fibre glass structural elements; he devised and developed the revolutionary new approach to design and construction, known by the acronym ADECO-RS, described in detail in this book, which for the first time has made it possible to construct tunnels even in the most difficult geological-geotechnical and stress strain conditions with reliable forecasting of construction times and costs. 

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