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Elements of Automotive Mechanics (Free PDF)

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This book is designed to help full the ever-growing need for better-trained personnel for maintaining, repairing and using modern automobiles.
The high degree of technical accomplishment incorporated in the automobile of today demands from those who service it not only skill but also a complete Understanding of the scientific principles involved. Guess-work, hit-and-miss methods, and varied general experience can no longer compete with adjustments and replacements based on complete understanding, careful analysis and measurements made with precise instruments.

Unit One: The Motor Vehicle
1. The motor Vehicle
Unit Two: Running System and Body
2. Frame, Suspension and Steering Systems
3. Brakes, Wheels and Tires
4. Vehicle Bodies
Unit Three: Power Unit
5. Principles of Engine Operation
6. Engine Parts and Their Functions
7. Multiple-Cylinder Engines
8. Engine Troubles and Repairs
Unit Four: Power Train
9. The Clutch
10. Principles Of Gearing
11. The Transmission
12. Propeller Shafts, Final Drives, Bearings
Unit Five: Cooling System
13. Cooling System
Unit Six: Fuel System
14. Combustion and Fuels.
15. Carburetion
16. Fuel-Feed, Intake, and Exhaust Systems
Unit Seven: Electrical System
17. Elementary Magnetism and Electricity
18. Electromotive Force
19. Starting and Generating Systems
20. Ignition, Lighting, and Electrical Accessories
Unit Eight: Lubrication
21. Lubrication
Unit Nine: Safety
22. Safety

Author Details
"Joseph Heitner"

"Norman G. Shidle"

"Thomas A. Bissell"

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