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Completely rewritten and condensed by somne fifty pages, this classic text retains the same general approach that established the book's reputation for excellence. Proceeding from the simplest cases to the more complex, it relies on physical and geometrical considerations of deformation to establish the patterns of stress distribution under various types of loading. In this Fourth Edition, most of the 400 problems (with answers) are new. Notations have been changed to conform to current usage. The matirial on strain energy, previously gathered into a single chapter, has been distributed among several chapters in order to better integrate it with the rest of the subject. 

Preface to The Fourth Edition
1. Tension, Compression, And Shear: 1
2. Tension, Compression, And Shear: 2
3. Biaxial Tension And Compression
4. Torsion
5. Stresses In Beams:1
6. Stresses In Beams:2
7. Analysis Of Plane Stress And Plane Strain
8. Deplection Of Beams
9. Statically Indeterminate Beams
10. Theory Of Columns
11. Mechanical Properties Of Materials

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"Stephen Timoshenko"

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