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Engineered Industrial Refrigeration Systems Application (Free PDF)

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This manual is intended for someone who has the prior basic education of refrigeration and has the basic knowledge of mechanical engineering such as thermodynamics, heat transfer and etc. This manual is mostly dealing with application practices for industrial refrigeration application which is for industrial production and hydrocarbon processing.

What is Engineered Refrigeration System?
“Engineered Refrigeration System” means to design a refrigeration system to meet the requirements of a process or for the need of the production for a specific application with a specific design operation. It is absolutely not accommodating the process to suit any fixed designed of standard or packaged refrigeration product. Engineered system is to compose, to design, to structure, to build and to install the refrigeration system precisely to fulfill the refrigeration need of the process or for the production.

Chapter 1 - General Preface.
Chapter 2 - P-H Diagram & Refrigerant Flow Diagram.
Chapter 3 - Components for Refrigeration Cycle Efficiency Improvement.
Chapter 4 – Compressors Overview & Annual Power Consumption.
Chapter 5 - Reciprocating Compressors.
Chapter 6 - Screw Compressor.
Chapter 7 - Centrifugal Compressor.
Chapter 8 – Low Temperature Refrigeration Systems.
Chapter 9 - Open Cycle Refrigeration Systems.
Chapter 10 - System Balancing.
Chapter 11 - Partial Load Performance of Refrigeration System.
Chapter 12 - Heat Exchangers for Industrial Refrigeration Systems.
Chapter 13 - Major Mechanical Codes for Refrigeration Application.
Chapter 14 - Refrigerants and Refrigerant Selection.
Chapter 15 - Refrigerant Liquid Feed Circuits.
Chapter 16 - Refrigerant Flow Control Valves.
Chapter 17 - Liquid Carry Over and Gas/Liquid Disengagement.
Chapter 18 - Refrigerant Piping System.
Chapter 19 - Brines and Brine Piping System.
Chapter 20 - Oil and Lubrication.
Chapter 21 - Purge and Refrigerant Transfer
Chapter 22 - Electrical Codes for Refrigeration Equipment and System.
Chapter 23 - Motor and Starter.
Chapter 24 - Compressor and System Controls.
Chapter 25 - Case of Screw Refrigeration System Design.
Chapter 26 - Case of Structuring Refrigeration System with Multistage Centrifugal Compressor.
Chapter 27 - Air Side Evaporators for Cold Storage and Frozen Food

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