Friday, December 14, 2018

Engineering Mechanics, (4th Edition)

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Engineering mechanics is the study of forces that act on bodies and the resultant motion that those bodies experience. Engineering mechanics subject involves the application of the principles of mechanics to solve real-time engineering problems. 

PART ONE: Statics
CHAPTER 1. Concurrent Forces In a Plane
CHAPTER 2. Parallel Forces In a Plane
CHAPTER 3. General Case Of Forces In a Plane
CHAPTER 4. Force Systems In Space
CHAPTER 5. Principle Of Virtual Work
PART TWO: Dynamics
CHAPTER 6. Rectilinear Translation
CHAPTER 7. Curvilinear Translation
CHAPTER 8. Rotation Of A Rigid Body About A Fixed Axis
CHAPTER 9. Plane Motion Of a Rigid Body
CHAPTER 10. Relative Motion
APPENDIX 1. Moments Of Inertia Of Plane Figures
APPENDIX 2. Moments Of Inertia  Of Material Body's
APPENDIX 3. Forced Vibrations
APPENDIX 4. Balancing Of Rigid Rotors

Author Details
"S. Timoshenko"
"D.H. Young"

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