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Frozen Food Science and Technology (Free PDF)

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This book provides a comprehensive source of information on freezing and frozen storage of food. Initial chapters describe the freezing process and provide a fundamental understanding of the thermal and physical processes that occur during freezing. Experts in each stage of the frozen cold chain provide, within dedicated chapters, guidelines and advice on how to freeze food and maintain its quality during storage, transport, retail display and in the home. Individual chapters deal with specific aspects of freezing relevant to the main food commodities: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Legislation and new freezing processes are also covered. Frozen Food Science and Technology offers in-depth knowledge of current and emerging refrigeration technologies along the entire frozen food chain, enabling readers to optimise the quality of frozen food products. It is aimed at food scientists, technologists and engineers within the frozen food industry; frozen food retailers; and researchers and students of food science and technology.
1. Thermal properties and ice crystal development in frozen foods
2. Effects of freezing on nutritional and microbiological properties of foods
3. Modelling of freezing processes
4. Specifying and selecting refrigeration and freezer plant
5. Emerging and novel freezing processes
6. Freezing of meat
7. Freezing of fish
8. Freezing of fruits and vegetables
9. Freezing of bakery and dessert products
10. Developing frozen products for the market and the freezing of ready-prepared meals
11. Frozen storage (Dr Noemi E. Zaritzky, CIDCA
12. Freeze drying
13. Frozen food transport
14. Frozen retail display
15. Consumer handling of frozen foods 

Author Details
Edited By
"Dr Judith Evans"
Food Refrigeration and Process Engineering Research Centre (FRPERC), University of Bristol, UK

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